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You will here find the current Privacy Policy for The Global Travel Company Group®®. We value your trust and we make it our priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the proportioned personal information. Please, carefully read these privacy policies to know our ways with privacy. By visiting our web site, you are accepting the practices here described.




IN GENERAL: We receive and store any information that you enter to our web site or that you give us in other ways. This includes identifying information (personal information), such as name, last name, phone number, address and e-mail address, tax number and billing information (like credit card number, name of the cardholder and expiration date). We might also request information from you about your hotel room preferences and your airline fidelity program or car rental. You can choose not to give us information, but in general certain data is required if you want to be a member; make travel reservations; fill in a travel profile; participate in surveys, contests and draws; make us a question; or make other operations in our site. Even if we request complete information on your credit card, never and in no case do we store your data nor the payment processor.



When you make a reservation for another person through this web site, we will ask you their personal information and travel preferences. You must obtain the consent of other people before you give out their personal information and travel preferences on this web site, because the access to visualize or modify the information will only be available through your account.


OTHER INFORMATION: Meanwhile, we can obtain personal and non personal information of you from subsidiaries, commercial partners and other independent sources, and include that information into your account. Some examples of the information we receive are: address and delivery information, purchase history and demographic information. Plus, if you subscribe to The Global Travel Company Group® on social media, you connect your The Global Travel Company Group® account to your social media account, or if you use another social media feature of The Global Travel Company Group® we can receive information about you through that social media provider, according to the providers policy. The information might include your name, e-mail address, profile picture, sex, list of friends and other information that you authorize we receive. According to your privacy setting and your friends, we can access to the information you give to the social media provider on your locations (“Location Data”) to offer relevant content to you. Have in mind that your Location Data can be shared with your friends in a social media provider, depending on your privacy settings.


AUTOMATIC INFORMATION: When you visit our website, we automatically gather certain information from your computer. For example, we obtain your IP address, internet explorer software (Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) and the issued site. As well, we can gather information on your online activities, like visualized travels and made reservations. The reasons why we collect information automatically are to help un personalize your experience as a user and avoid fraud.



Important payment information (like the cardholders name, credit card number and expiration date) is used to complete the reservations that you make on our site. We use other information about you for these general purposes: to provide you with your requested products and services, confirmations and travel updates; to manage your account, including notes or bills and notify your about your travels; to communicate with you; to answer you questions and comments; to measure your interest in our products, services and special offers that you might like; to personalize your experience on this web site; to reward you as a part of any reward or loyalty program that you choose to be part of; to request information, including polls; to solve disputes, problems or bill charges; to prevent potentially ilegal or banned activities; to fulfill our Terms and Conditions; and for any other mean at the moment of requesting the information.


COMMUNICATION VIA E-MAIL: We would like to help you benefit from the travel opportunities on this website. A way of doing that is by sending you e-mails with your travel preferences. For example, if you search in our website flights to Paris or London and save the schedule or haven’t made your reservation, it is possible that we send you an e-mail to remind you about that saved schedule or about other special flight offers to those destinations or similar. We consider that these e-mails will provide you with useful information about special available trip offers on out web site. Please, take into account that in the message we send you, you will have the option to ask us to stop sending you such e-mails.



As it was previously mentioned, you can choose not to give us information, nonetheless it could be necessary to make travel reservations or to benefit from certain features of the website.

As previously mentioned, you can add or update your information or delete your account.

You can cancel the subscription to the commercial e-mails from any message we send you. If you are a registered member, you can also do so from the Profile page of our site at any time. Please, have in mind that we reserve the right to send you other messages, including communications about our services, administrative communications and surveys related to your account or the operations you utilize on the site, without having the option to stop receiving them.

Its possible that the web site provides you with the opportunity of giving your mobile number to receive alerts. You can suspend these alerts at any time.

The Help section of most browsers tell you what to do to avoid new cookies, so it can let you know when a new cookie is received or to deactivate them. Please take into account that if you deny to receive cookies, you will not have access to most of the travel tools of our website.

Your options on the gathering and use of your information

This site can share your information with the following entities:


Providers, like hotels, airlines, car rentals and other service providers that fulfill your tourists reservations. On the site, all service provider third party is identified as such. By making a reservation through this web site, you authorize us to share your information with the providers to make the reservation and fulfill the required trip. The Global Travel Company Group® does not control these providers, and the shared personal information is subjected to the selected providers privacy policy and security policy. Because of this, we insist that you check the privacy policy of any touristic service lender whose products you acquire through our site.

Independent sellers that provide services or features for us, including processing credit cards, company analysis, costumer services, marketing, survey distribution or contest programs, as well as fraud prevention. Meanwhile, we can authorize independent sellers to gather information for us, including the necessary information to operate different features in our site or to make better personalized online ads according to your interests. Third parties will only have access and exclusively be able to gather information to comply on their functions, and they are not allowed to use or share such information for other means. They must follow the safety data policies that we follow too.

The Comercial partners with whom we might jointly offer products and services or whose products and services might be offered in our site. You will notice when a third party has any relation with a product or service because their name will appear separated or jointly with ours. If you choose to have access to these optional services, it is possible that we share your personal information. Please have in mind that we do not control the privacy policy of our commercial partners.

Reference web sites: if you got to this site from another website, we might share part of your information with this website you come from. We have not made any restriction to the web site that forwarded you to ours when it comes to the use of your personal information, so we suggest that you verify the privacy policy of any site that send you to this one.

It is possible that we share your information:

In front of legal orders or from other legal proceedings; to exercise our rights; to defend ourselves from legal claims; or any other form that requires the applicable law. In this cases, we reserve the right to use or resign any right or exception that assists us.

Whenever we consider that investigating, preventing or taking action against ilegal activities or allegedly ilegal is convenient; to protect and defend the rights, property or safety of our company or of this web site, our customers or others; and in relation to our Terms and Conditions and other contracts.

In relation to a corporate operation, like a disinvestment, fusion, consolidation, sale of assets or in case of bankrupt (very unlikely). Except for the listed above, you will be notified when your personal information would be shared with third parties, and you will have the opportunity to choose for it not to be shared.

It is also possible that we share anonymous information with third parties, advertisers and investors. For example, it is possible that we let know our advertisers the number of visits to the website or most popular hotels or destinations. This information is not personal and it it used to create content and services of your interest.


How you can access your information

You can contact us to the company e-mail address to terminate your account. Please have in mind that if you terminate your account, you will no longer have access to your personal information. However, you will be able to create a new account, at any moment. Still, please take into account that we will withhold certain information related to your account, for analysis and for the integrity of your records.


Cookies and other technologies.

Cookies are records of small data that can be stored in your computers hard drive (if your browser allows it). This web site uses cookies for the following general reasons:

To help up recognize your browser as a previous visitor and to save and remember any important preference already selected by you. For example, if you register on our site, we might use cookies to remember your registration information, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit us. As well, we can store your password in a cookie in case you select the “automatic sign in”. Please have in mind that for safety reasons, the identification of our members, passwords and any other stored information in the cookies is coded. Unless you register with us, the cookies will hold no personal information.

To help us personalize the content and publicity provided on this site and others. For example, when you go to a page on our web site, a cookie is automatically set by us, our providers or commercial partners, to recognize your online browser, to present information and advertisements based on your current interests.


Gathered data by this web site to bring you relevant publicity: The Global Travel Company Group® is committed in providing relevant content and information to you. We use this information, with other data already collected from you, to provide you with advertisements on our website or another sites on line, that match with your evident interests. For example, if you search for a flight to Florida on this site, you might see an add for a travel package to Florida on this site as well or in other websites that you might visit. Take into account that we do not combine your searching information on travels on this website with your personal information (like e-mail address) to provide you with adds on other sites. We don’t share your personal information with third parties neither so they can send you publicity. You can choose not to get personalized online publicity on other web sites, based on your trip related search on this website. If you choose not to receive personalized advertising, you will still see adds online, but they will be more general and less relevant to you.


Gathered data by commercial partners and ads networks to provide you with relevant adds: Advertising shown on this website is provided by us or our servers. However, we let some third parties gather information about your activity through cookies and other technologies. Third parties refer to (1)The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates; (2) Commercial partners that gather information when you visualize/interact with any our our ads; and (3) ad networks that gather interest related information on ads from our and other sites. The information gathered by third parties is used to predict your characteristics, interests or preferences, to later exhibit publicity based on those evident interests. We do not allow these third parties to gather personal information from you ( like your e-mail address) from our site, nor do we share your personal information with them. Have in mind that we do not have control or access to the cookies and technologies they use to gather information on your interests. Third parties practices on information is not covered by this Privacy Policy. Some of these companies are members of the Network Advertising Initiative, offering a unique site to choose not to receive advertising from their members.


Gathered data from companies that exchange cookie information to provide you with relevant advertising: as other companies that operate online, The Global Travel Company Group® participares on cookie based data exchange to gather anonymous information on your behaviour, through cookies and other technologies. It is divided in different topics of interest (like travels). Later, these topics of interest are shared with third parties, advertisers and ads networks, so they can develop ads suited to your evident preferences. We do not share with third parties personal information (like your e-mail address) and we do not let these third parties gather personal information of you from our site.


“No tracking” signals and similar mechanisms: Some web browsers might send “no tracking” signals to other web sites. Due to how browsers utilize this feature, it is not always clear if users want to send these signals or if they even know about them. It is still on debate on what should websites do when they receive these signals. Currently, The Global Travel Company Group® does not react to these signals. Whenever a stand is taken on it, we shall consider how to react. 

Your options on the use and gathering of your information.

As it was previously mentioned, you can choose not to provide us with information, however, it might be necessary for you to make travel reservations or to access to certain features of the website.

As it was previously mentioned, you can add or update your information and terminate your account.

You can terminate your subscription to the commercial e-mails from any message we send you. If you are a registered member, you can change your mind at any time from the Profile page of our site. Please have in mind that we reserve the right of sending you other messages, including messages about out services, administrative messages, and polls related to your account or our website, without having the option to stop receiving them.

It is possible that our site offers you the opportunity of giving your mobile number to get alerts on the day of your flight. You can suspend them at any given time.

The Help section of most browsers will show you what to do so it stops accepting new cookies, so it can warn you whenever it gets and new one or to deactivate them. Please take into account that is you deny to receive cookies you wont have access to most our travel features.


The Global Travel Company Group® Apps use on tablets and mobile phones (Mobile Applications)


When you use The Global Travel Company Group® mobile app, we collect and use information about you in the same way and with the same means as when you use our site. Plus, we also use other information that we automatically gather when you use our mobile apps. Specifically:

We collect information about the function of the mobile app that you use. This helps us identify the areas of the mobile app that interest our customers, so we can continuously improve the app. The gathered information for this mean does not allow us to directly identify you.

Each mobile app send us the unique device identifier (UDI), a sequence of numbers or characters that are unique to your mobile phone. We use this information but the first time you open the mobile app to confirm, on our ads networks, the amount of downloads that come from clics of their ads and marketing tools.

When you choose a mobile app, you can let it access your current location (given by your device using its GPS or similar) to identify close by hotels and airports. If you choose to allow the access, these location data might be collected anonymously as part of searching requests by out servers. You can interrupt this access anytime from your phones “settings” menu.

Each mobile app will send us error reports whenever it blocks or bugs. This helps us investigate on the error and improve the app for future versions. As part of the error reports, the mobile app will send us information on the type and version of your mobile device, UDI, time it occurred, feature it was using and the state of the app when it happened. We do not use this information for any other purpose but to investigate and correct the error. You always have the ability to control what information you send us. You can have control from our settings menu or by the settings menu of your mobile device. As an option, you can delete the mobile app from your phone and access to our services from the web site.


The Global Travel Company Group® use of tablet and mobile phones apps ( Mobile Applications).

We want you to feel safe on this site so you can make your travel reservations, as we are committed on keeping your information safe. Even if no website can ensure safety, we have implemented administrative, technical and material safety proceedings, necessary to safeguard your given personal information. For example: only authorized employees can have access to your personal information and it can only be used for specified reasons. Plus, we use coding when you send information from your system to ours. Plus, we use firewalls and intruder detector systems to prevent unauthorized persons from getting access to your personal information.


Privacy of minors

This website is addressed to a general audience and does not offer services to minors. If we realize a minor of 18 years sends us personal information, we will use this data exclusively to inform the minor that we require his parents consent to receive such information.


External links

In case this site has a link to other sites, these do not operate under the present privacy policy. We advise you to check the privacy rules on those sites to know about how they gather, use and share your personal information.


By visiting our site from outside of the United States of America:

Please have in mind that if you visit our website from outside the United States of America, your information will most likely be transferred, stored and processed in the USA, where our servers are located and our main database operates. Its possible that USA and other countries legislation on data protection and others, are not as complete as in your country, but you can be certain that we adopt the necessary measures to safeguard your privacy. By using our servers, you are aware that your information might be transferred to our facilities and to third parties facilities, with whom we share your information, on terms of the present policy.


Safe Harbor Framework U.S.- Switzerland

On our Safe Harbor Privacy Statement we show how we fulfill the Safe Harbor Framework U.E – Switzerland and the Safe Harbor Frameworks U.S.-U.E. on collecting, using and retaining personal data from the European Union members and Switzerland.


This privacy statement could be modified from time to time, as it allowed on the Safe Harbor Framework USA – EU and USA – Switzerland, without warning.

How to contact us

If you have questions on this Privacy Policy (or your travel/shopping plans), get in touch with us on: