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Welcome to The Global Travel Company Group® website (the “Web Site”). Our only aim is to help our clients to gather traveling information, determine the trip related availability of goods and services, make valid reservations and, moreover, do business with the travel providers. The terms “we”, “us”, “ours”, The Global Travel Company Group®, a company legally situated in Miami, and its subsidiaries and corporate partners are collectively referred as “The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations”. “Associates of The Global Travel Company Group®” refers to any web site working together with and/or any other web site related in offering links, content or services. The term “you”, refers to the client that visits the web site and/or makes a reservation through our web page or through any of our agents on Costumer Service. This site is offered to you as long as you accept all of the terms and conditions hereby specified (jointly the “terms of us” or “Contract”). Read these terms carefully, for they provide important information about the limitations of liability and the resolution of conflicts through mediation, instead of court. You will need to read, as well, our Privacy Policy as it regulates the use of the web site and is used as a reference in this Contract. By entering or using this web site, making any product or service reservation or contacting any of our Customer Service agents, you accept the standing Terms and Conditions. If you don’t happen to accept the Terms and Conditions, do not use or make any reservation through this website nor by any of our agents on customer service. USING THE WEBSITE: To use this web site, I hereby declare that: I am at least 18 years old. I am legally authorized to create legally binding obligations. I will use this web site according to the present Terms and conditions. I will only use this web site to make legitimate reservations, for myself or for any other person whom I am legally authorized to act in name of. I will inform these persons about the Terms and Conditions that apply on reservations done in their name, including the applicable norms and restrictions. All the information given to this web site by me is true, exact and complete; and might suffer modifications without warning to the users. If you have got an account on The Global Travel Group®, you will protect your account information; you will supervise and have total responsibility on any other use of your account, made by you or any third party. We will keep our exclusive right to deny access to any individual to this web site and the offered services, at all moment and for any reason, including, amongst others, the violation of the Terms and Conditions. DISPUTES: The Global Travel Company Group® is committed on customer satisfaction. If you have got a problem or dispute, we will try to fix it. However, if we don’t happen to do so, you can present a claim, as explained under this section. You accept to give us a chance to solve any dispute or claim related to our web site, for any customer service agent treatment, for any product or service provided, for any representation made by us, or with our Private Policy (on “Claims), by getting in touch with Costumer Service of the Global Travel Company Group® on: info@theglobaltravelcompanygroup.com. If we are unable to solve you Claim in 60 days, you can look for a reparation by arbitration or Court, for minor cases, as stablished below. Every claim will be solved by binding arbitration, instead of Court. However, you can individually present your claim in court for minor cases, if they apply. This includes any Claim against us, our subsidiaries or any other corporation that offers products or services through our site, as beneficiaries of this arbitration agreement. This includes, as well, any Claim emerged before accepting the Terms and Conditions, no matter if the older version of Terms and Conditions requires arbitration. There is no judge or jury in arbitration, and the revision of the arbitration decision is limited. However, in individual cases, an arbitrator can judge for the same damages and compensations as a Court (including legal damages, lawyer fees and costs), and must comply and enforce these Terms and Conditions as if it was a Court. The American Arbitration Association (AAA) will execute the arbitration according to the rules, including the Consumer Rules of AAA. The regulations of the AAA will rule over the payment of all document and administration charges and arbitrator’s fees, except on what is stablished on this section. If the total of your claim is of at least $10,000 USD, we will reimburse the document presentation charges paid to the AAA and we will pay for the arbitrator’s fees. You can choose to make the arbitration over the phone, based on written communications, or in person, in the State of your residence or at a mutually arranged location. To start an arbitration procedure, you must send a letter requiring for the arbitration, describing your claim to “The Global Travel Company Group® Legal: Director of Requests for Arbitration”, The Global Travel Company Group® to: info@theglobaltravelcompanygroup.com. If we ask for the arbitration, we will notify you to the given e-mail address or actual address. The norms of the AAA and the request instructions are available at www.adr.org. Every claim solving procedure is undertaken in individual cases and not in collective demands, consolidated actions or representation actions. If by any means, a Claim steps to Court instead of arbitration, both parts with abandon the right of a trial by jury. The Federal Arbitration Act and the federal ruling on arbitration is applied to this agreement. A court of competent jurisdiction can confirm the arbitration decision. The legal jurisdiction for arbitration is, and can only be, the Court of Florida (FL) – USA. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: The content and information of this web site (including but not limiting itself to the price and availability of traveling services), as well as the infrastructure used to provide the foretold content and information, is of our property or of our providers. Even if you can make limited copies of your travel schedule (and related documents) for the service reservations made through our web site, you accept not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, exhibit, present, reproduce, publish, authorize, alter, transfer, sell nor resell information, software, products or services obtained by means of this web site. You also accept not to: Use this web site nor its content for any commercial purpose. Make any speculative reservations, fake, fraudulent or in look for demands. If detected, reservations will be simply canceled with no previous warning, and if any charges for cancelations are made, they will be in head of the user who made them. Access, control or copy any content or information of this web site using any robot, spider, redirected or any other automatized method or manual process, no matter the purpose, without our written permission. Violate the restrictions of any of the robot exclusion headings of this website, or avoid or evade our means of prevention or limitation of access to the website. Take any measure that imposes or might impose, according to our criteria, an unreasonable or disproportionately big charge over our infrastructure. Make a deep link to any part of our web site, including, amongst others, the way to buy any travel service, for any purpose, without our written consent. Frame, reflect or add a part of this site to any other web site without out our previous written authorization. If your reservation or your account show signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, The Global Travel Company Group® can cancel any trip reservation or service associated to you name, e-mail address or account, and close the account related to The Global Travel Company Group®. If you have made fraudulent activity, The Global Travel Company Group® has the right to intercede the necessary legal action and you will be responsible of any monetary loss of The Global Travel Company Group®, including the costs and damages of the litigation. RULES AND PROVIDER RESTRICTIONS: The additional terms and conditions will be applied to your reservation and to the bought goods and services related to the selected trip. Carefully read those additional terms and conditions. In particular, if you bought a passage, make sure to read all the transportation terms and conditions issued by the Provider, that can be found at the Providers web site. You accept to comply the buying terms and conditions imposed by any provider that you chose to acquire services of, including, between others, the payment of all sums when due and the compliance of the norms and restrictions of the provider on availability and fare use, of products or services. The air fare will only be ensured once you have completed the purchase and all he tickets are issued. The airlines and other travel providers may change their prices without notice. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the payment is not received on time and on an appropriate manner. For certain low-cost airlines, the price of your flight will be converted from a different currency, for means of your convenience, to give you a proper estimation of the price of the purchase in your local currency. As a result, when you make the reservation, the amount of money charged to your credit card by the air company might be slightly different ought to monetary fluctuations. Your card declaration might also include a fare applied from your card issuer to process the transaction + taxes for international purchases. The federal law prohibits the transportation of dangerous materials on the plane, with you or inside your luggage. A violation will result into 5 years in prison and bills of $250,000 USD or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Amongst dangerous materials there are explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidants, poison, corrosives and radioactive materials. Ex: paint, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gas, oxygen tubes and radio-pharmaceuticals. There are special exceptions for small amounts (up to two liters – 70 ounces- of medicinal and hygiene articles that you may carry with you. You recognize that some external providers, offering service or activities, might ask you to sign their responsibility demarcation documents, before any offered participation. You understand that a violation to any norm and restriction of the provider may cause the cancelation of your reservation/s, the denial of access to the applicable products or travel services, your resignation to any paid money for each reservation and/or the debit of your account for any cost caused for such violation. Accommodation: our classification order reflects the relevance of the establishments according to your search criteria, as we want to make sure that you get to find the right offer for you, the quickest and easiest possible way. We measure relevance by taking in mind several factors, location, rates by comments, popularity (according to the amount of reservations made by travelers on that web site), quality of content provided by the establishment and the competitiveness of the fares and availability of the establishment, all this in relation with the other establishments that apply to the same searching criteria. The compensation given to us by an establishment for the reservations made from our web site is also a factor for its classification, in comparison to others with similar offers. On our non-predetermined classifications (ex: on price or stars), the establishments with similar results will be ordered according to the following factors. Activities: the destiny administrators of The Global Travel Company Group®, experts in each market, generate themselves each predetermined classification order, taking into account different factors, like price, popularity, distance to hotels and costumer comments. HOTEL RESERVATIONS PAYED IN ADVANCE: You recognize that The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations previously negotiate with the hotel providers to make making reservations easier. You also recognized that The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations bring you services to make these reservations easier to make, in change of a retribution (“facilitation fees”). The room fare shown on the web site is a combination of the previously negotiated room fare, for rooms reserved by you on behalf of The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations, and the facilitation fees retained by The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations for their services. You authorize The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations to make reservations for the total price of the reservation, including the room fare shown in the site, plus tax recovery, service charges and, when applicable, taxes on the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations services. You accept that The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations charge on your credit card the total price of the reservation. After sending your reservation request, you authorize The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations to make hotel reservations in your name and even to make payment agreements with the hotel providers. You recognize that, except for the upcoming tax information below on how much is retained for our services, The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations do not collect taxes for remittance to the applicable tax authorities. The charge for tax recovery on the concept of payed in advance hotel transactions are an estimative tax recovery (ex: sales and utilization, occupation, room tax, specific consumption tax, VAT, etc.) that The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations pay to the hotel provider for the owed taxes on the rent fare of the hotel room. The hotel providers bill The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations certain charges, even tax sums. The hotel providers are responsible of sending the applicable taxes to the competent fiscal jurisdictions. No Corporation of The Global Travel Company Group® acts as a co-seller with the provider with whom we reserve our travel arrangements. Taxability and tax fare vary according to location. The real amount of taxes paid by The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations to the hotel providers can be different to the amounts for tax recovery charges, depending on fares, taxability, etc., at the moment our clients use the hotel. We retain charges for services as an extra compensation for making your trip reservation. The retained charges for services made by The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations vary based on the quantity and type of hotel reservation. You can change or cancel your hotel reservation paid in advance, but you will be charged for the cancelation or change, according to the rules and restrictions for hotel reservations. If you don’t cancel or change your reservation before the period of time indicated at the hotels cancelation policy, that varies according to the hotel (usually 24 to 72 hrs.), you will be subjected to a charge equal to the applicable night fares, tax recovery charges and charges for services. If you don’t pretend to attend to the first night of the reservation and think on checking in the following nights, you must confirm with us the reservation changes before the first night of the reservation to avoid cancelation. You accept to pay the cancelation/change charges you make. In exceptional cases, some hotels do not allow changes nor cancelation once the reservation is made, as shown in the rules and restrictions on reservations. You accept to follow the Terms and conditions imposed to your reservation of the paid on advance hotel. The local taxes on sales, uses and/or occupations on the hotels are imposed on the sums that we charge for our services (charges on service and/or mediation commissions) in certain jurisdictions. The real tax sums over our services may vary according to the actual fares at the moment of your stay. You cannot reserve over five (5) rooms on line for the same hotel on the same dates. If we notice you reserved over five (5) rooms in total through independent reservations, we can cancel your reservations and charge you for the cancelations is we have to. If you paid with a non-refundable deposit, it will be lost. If you desire to reserve six (6) rooms or more, you must communicate with the travel specialist of The Global Travel Company Group® at info@theglobaltravelcompanygroup.com. One of our travel specialists on groups will look for your request and get in touch with you to complete your reservation. You might be asked to sign a written contract and/or to pay a non-refundable deposit. DETAILS IN IMMEDIATE PAYMENT: “Online Immediate Payment”, The Global Travel Company Group® will immediately charge you the sum on your credit card in American dollars. Every reservation is definitive and cannot be modified, nonrefundable, unchangeable or transferable to other. The sum shown in your credit card will be debited, even if the reservation is not used. The hotel will determine the type or room according the number of guests at the moment of the reservation. Every reservation is for non-smoker rooms (on availability). Room assignment is determined at the check-in. During the check-in, the guests must present a valid identification and a credit card to their name (the amount of the required red availability depends on the hotel). It might occur that debit cards or cash are not me accepted. ON BANK CHARGES AND CREDIT CARDS: Some banks and credit card companies impose charges for international operations. If you are making a reservation for a provider outside the United States with an American credit card, your bank might convert the sum of the payment to your local currency and charge you the conversion fare. This means that the sum shown in your credit card resume or bank resume might be in your local currency and, because of that, be a different amount than the one shown on the website for payments of reservations. Plus, there can be a charge for international transactions if the bank that issued the credit card has their head office outside the United States. Your bank or credit card company may consider your reservation of an international trip by means of this website as an international transaction, because The Global Travel Company Group®, Inc. can give your payment to an international travel provider. The type of currency and the charge on the international transaction are only determined by your bank on the day the transaction is made. If you have any question on these charges or about the type of currency rate applied to your reservation, contact your bank. On your account, the name for these service charges with us will be as The Global Travel Company Group®. INTERNATIONAL TRAVELS: You are responsible to make sure to follow the necessary requirements for entry of foreigners and that your travel documents, such as passports and visas (for business, tourism, others) are in order and that you can comply any other entry for foreigner’s requirement. The Global Travel Company Group® has no special relation on these entry of foreigner’s requirements or travel documents. We recommend our clients to check the prohibitions, notifications, announcements and warnings emitted by the relevant governments before they make reservations to international places. Passport and Visa: you must consult this information with the Embassy or Consulate. The requirements may change and you must verify the updated information before you make your reservation and leave. We do not hold any responsibility if your entry is denied to a flight or country for inadequate carrying of your passport, visa, or any other travel document requested by the airline, authority or country, even on countries you’re only on transit. This includes every stop made by the plane, if you don’t leave the plane or airport. Health: the recommended vaccines for trips can change and you must consult with your doctor the current recommendations before you leave. It is your responsibility to make sure you fulfill all the health requirements to enter the mentioned countries, that you put all the recommended vaccines, take all the recommended medications and follow the related medical advice for the trip. Disinfestation: even if its uncommon, most countries reserve the right to disinfect the plane if a threat to common health, agriculture or the environment is perceived. The World Health Organization and The International Civil Aviation Organization approved the following disinfestation proceedings: (1) spray the plane cabin with insecticide spray while the passengers are on board, or (2) treat the interior surfaces of the plane with residual spray insecticide when the passengers are not on board. For more information, go to: http://ostpxweb.dot.gov/policy/safetyenergyenv/disinsection.htm By offering reservations for travel products, in particular, to international destinations, The Global Travel Company Group® does not represent nor guarantee that the trip to such areas is recommendable or will not bring any risk, and does not hold responsible of the damages or losses that the trip to those places might convey. LIABILITY DISCLAMER: The information, software, products and services published on this website may include mistakes or inexact information like mistakes on prices. Particularly, The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations do not guarantee the exactitude of and are not responsible of any mistake or inaccurate data associated with the information and description of hotels, as of any other product or travel service displayed on this website (including, not only, prices, photographs, hotels service list, general product descriptions, etc.). The Global Travel Company Group®, Inc. reserves the rights to correct any mistake on the prices shown on our website and/or on the wrongly priced reservations. If any of this situation occurs, we offer you the opportunity you keep your reservation with the correct price (if available) or we will cancel your reservation with no penalty. The hotel evaluations displayed on this web site are just shown as a general guide and the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and the Associates of The Global Travel Company Group® do not guarantee the accuracy of the evaluations. The The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates, as well as their providers do not ensure the availability of products or services. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates, as well as their providers may improve or modify their web site at any given time. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates as well as their providers do not represent the adequacy of the information, software, products and services included on the web site for any purpose, and the inclusion or offer of any product or service about this web site does not mean any advertisement or recommendation of such products or services by The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations or Associates. Such information, software, products and services are provided “on the state that they are found” without any guarantee. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates as well as their providers resign to all guarantees and conditions that this web site, their servers or any other e-mail sent from the Corporations and Associates of The Global Travel Company Group® or respective providers are virus free or of other dangerous components. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates as well as their providers, hereby resign to all guarantees and conditions associated with this information, software, products and services, including every implicit guarantee and condition on commerciality, adequacy for individual answers, title and no violation. The transporters, hotels and other travel providers and services of this web site are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations or Associates. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates are not held responsible of the acts, mistakes, omissions, representations, guarantees, violations or negligence of any provider, or of any personal lesion, death, property damage or any other damage or expense consequence of it. The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates are not responsible and will not refund in case of delay, cancelation, excess of reservations, strike, force majeure or any other case thats over their direct control, nor are they responsible of any cost, omission, delay, change of route or acts of governments or authority. In no circumstances The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates as well as their providers, will be held responsible of any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consecutive damage that occurs, or that is somehow related to your access, visualization or use of this website (including, but not only, the trust put on the opinions displayed on this website; any computer virus, information, software, related link, products and services obtained through this website; or that happen because of the access, visualization or use of this website), be it on a negligence theory, of contract, damage, strict liability, consumer protection laws or any, even if the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates as well as their providers were warned about the possibility of such damages. If, no matter the above disclaimer, The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates or their providers are responsible of the loss or damage anyhow related with the foretold events, then, the liability of The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates and/or their providers will not exceed: (a) charges for services payed to The Global Travel Company Group®, Inc., on the website transaction or (b) one hundred American dollars (USD $100,00) or the equivalent in local currency. The liability disclaimer reflects the risks taken by the parties. The specific limitations on this section will endure and be applied even if the limited resources on this terms and conditions did not accomplish the essential purpose. The liability disclaimer specified on this terms and conditions results in benefit of the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations, Affiliates and respective providers. COMPENSATIONS: You accept to defend and compensate The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates and/or respective providers and officials, directors, employees and agents against any claim, cause of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties or other costs, charges of any kind or nature, including but not only, the reasonable legal and accounting fees, made by third parties as a result of: Your violation to this terms and conditions or the documents mentioned here. Your violation of any law or third party right. THIRD PARTY LINKS: This website might contain hypertext links to websites operated by third parties, others than The Global Travel Company Group®, Inc. Those links are only provided as a reference. We do not control those web sites nor are we responsible of their content, privacy or any other practice of them. Plus, it is your decision to take precautions to make sure that the link you select or the software you download (from this or any other web site) is free of virus, works, Trojans, defects and other destructive nature elements. Our inclusion of the links on our web site does not imply our approval of the sites material, or any other association with their operators. AVAILABLE SOFTWARE ON THIS WEBSITE: Any software made available for downloading from this website (“Software”) or from the app store, even The Global Travel Company Group® Mobile Application (Mobile Application), is copyright protected work by The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and/or providers. The use of such Software is ruled by the terms of the final user contract that might come with the Software (License Contract). You will not be able to install or use any Software that comes with a License contract unless that you first accept the terms of the license contract. In the case that there is available a Software to download from this website that does not come with a License Agreement, we hereby give you, the user, a limited license, personal, non-exclusive and no-transferable to download, install and use the Software and/or Mobile App to visualize and utilize this website and/or access to the content and available information on the Mobile App (including price and availability of services) according to these terms and conditions and for no other purpose. Take into account that all Software, included unlimited, HTML code and the Active X controls included in this website, is property of The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates and/or their providers, and its protected by copyrights law and international treaties. Any Software reproduction or distribution is expressly prohibited and can lead to severe civil and penal penalizations. Without prejudice of everything mentioned before, it is explicitly prohibited to copy or reproduce the Software in any other server or location to be reproduced or redistributed. The Software is ensured, only according to the terms of the license contract. Your mobile must be connected to the internet for the Mobile App to work. You are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for you mobile to have internet connection, and of all charges that your service provider levies you for the transmission and reception data of the mobile app (including but not only, roaming data). Exactly as its described on our Privacy Policy, the mobile app will automatically transfer a small amount of data as part of its proper functioning, including how you use the mobile app, what content you access and what mistakes or technical mistakes you find when you utilize the mobile app. By using the mobile app, you recognize, accept and access to the automatic gathering of this information. CURRENCY CONVERTER: If on the website there is available a currency converter, the following terms and conditions are applied: the change rates are based on different sources publicly available and are only to be used as a guide. The fares are not exact and the real fares might vary. The prices of the currencies are not updated every day. Verify the date in the currency converter to see when it was last updated. It is thought the information given by the converter is accurate, but The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and Associates and our providers do not ensure that accuracy. By using this information for any finance mean, we advise you to consult a qualified professional to verify the accuracy of the currency fare. We do not authorize the use of this information for any other purpose than the personal one and it is expressly prohibited to resell, redistribute and use this information of commercial purposes. REVIEWS, COMMENTS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND OTHER POSTS: You recognize and accept that the publications are non-confidential and have no right of property. You expressly resign to all and every “moral right” (even attribution or integrity) that might subsist in your publications and you accept that you do are not against the publication, use, modification, elimination or exploitation of your posts by us, The Global Travel Company Group® Associates or any of our partners or license holders. We are not responsible for any publication you might publish or send. We have no obligation to publish your comments; we reserve the right according to our selective criteria on what comments go or don’t go on the website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not send any publication. You are completely responsible of the content of your publication (including, amongst others, the published reviews on this website). You are banned from publishing or transmitting to or from our web site: (i) any illegal content or material, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or of any other nature that might violate the privacy and/or publicity rights or that violates any other law; (ii) any commercial content or material (including but not only, request of funds, publicity or marketing of any good or service); and (iii) any content or material that trespasses, diverts or violates any copyrights, registered trademark, patent or any property right of any third party. You are the only responsible of any harm produced by a violation of the mentioned restrictions or any other damage that results from the publishing of content of this website. You recognize that The Global Travel Company Group® might use his rights (ex: like using, publishing, eliminating) on any content that you send without warning. If you send more than one review of the same hotel, only the most recent will be shown. ON REGISTERED TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHT: All content of this web site is property of The Global Travel Company Group®. All rights reserved, the logo of The Global Travel Company Group® are registered trademarks or commercial marks of The Global Travel Company Group® in EE.UU. and/or other countries. Other logos and names of products and corporations here mentioned may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. The Global Travel Company Group® is not responsible of third party generated website content. If you are aware of an infraction to our trademark, notify us over e-mail to: info@theglobaltravelcompany.com ACCOUNT CLOSURE: According to the Digital Millenium Copyright (DMCA) and any other applicable law, The Global Travel Company Group® adopted a policy to eliminate, if the circumstances are appropriate and on The Global Travel Company Group®’s discretion, the subscribers or account holders that are considered to be repeat infringers. The Global Travel Company Group® may also, on its entire discretion, limit the access to the web site and/or erase user accounts that violate any intellectual property rights, even if it’s not a repeated infractor. If you believe that an account holder or subscriber is a repeat violator, provide us the sufficient information when you present your notice so we can make sure it is, effectively, an infractor. NOTICE ON INFRINGING MATERIAL: If you believe in good faith that the sponsored materials by us infringe your copyrights, you or your agents can send us a written notice that includes the following information. Have in mind that we will not process your claim if it is not correctly filled or if the claim is incomplete. Any false declaration that you include in your notice about the infringing activity or content may make you responsible for all damages incurred. A clear identification of the protected copyright material that you claim was infringed A clear identification of the website material that you claim is infringing your rights, like a link to the infringing material Your address, e-mail account and phone number A statement that states that you “believe in good faith that the foretold material is infringing the authors copyrights, and its unauthorized by the copyright owner, the agent or the law”. A statement that states that “the notice information is precise and under penalty of perjury, the demanding part is authorized to act in name of the owner of an exclusive right, allegedly infringed. A firm by an authorized person to act in name of the owner of an exclusive right, allegedly infringed. You can sed your notice to: info@theglobaltravelcompanygroup.com COUNTER NOTIFICATIONS: If the material you published was erased, you can present us a counter notification over fax or mail with the detailed information now shown. You might want to look for a legal advisor before. The following details ought to be included: Identification of the specific content that was erased or disabled and the location where the content was on The Global Travel Company Group®’s website. If possible, indicate the URL. Your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. A statement where you accept the jurisdiction of your District Federal Court according to your address or, if your address is not in the United Stated, of any federal district where The Global Travel Company Group® is found, and that would accept the notice of the third party or agent that reported on the content. Include the following statement: “I swear, under penalty of perjury, that i believe in good faith that the previously identified content was erased or deactivated as a result of a mistake or wrong identification”. Firm the document, Send the written communication to the following address: The Global Travel Company Group®, Attention: Legal Department info@theglobaltravelcompanygroup.com PATENT NOTICE: On this website, you can operate one or more property patents of the The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations and to the accesible features and services through our website. Parts of this website operate under license of one or more patents. Others are on hold. GENERAL: The use that you make of the available mapping on this website is ruled by the Terms and conditions and the Microsoft and Google privacy statement. Microsoft and Google reserve the right of modifying their terms and conditions and statements of privacy at any given time, according to their exclusive criteria. These terms and conditions are ruled by the Federal Arbitration Act and federal laws on arbitration. For the reservations made by the American citizens, the applicable law is such of the state of the payment address, no matter the principles of conflicts of law. It is not authorized to use this website on any jurisdiction that does not give effect to the legal provisions of this contract, including this paragraph. You accept that there is no joint venture, society or employment relation between you and The Global Travel Company Group® Corporations as a result of this contract or the use of the web site. Our fulfillment of the present contract is subjected to the current laws and legal processes and none of what’s included in it limits our right to comply with the law or other requests or governmental/legal requirements related to the use of this website or with the information provided or gathered by us on it. If you happen to find that a part of this contract is invalid, illegal or inexistent, the validity, legality and fulfillment of the other stipulations won’t be affected or undermined. Our inability or delay to fulfill any stipulation on the present contract at any time, does not exempt us of our right to make comply such stipulation or other in the future. This contract (and any other term and condition referred here) makes the whole contract between you and The Global Travel Company Group®, in relation to this web site, our services and your business and relations with us, and it substitutes any kind of communication or previous or current proposal, electronic, oral, or written, between you and us. A printed version of this contract and any notification provided electronically will be acceptable in legal proceedings, arbitration or any other administrative proceedings in the same measure and are subjected to the same conditions as other documents and commercial registers, generated originally and kept in paper. The fictional names of enterprises, products, persons, characters and/or information mentioned in this web site are not meant to represent any physical or moral person, product or real event. Every expressly non-given right is reserved. SUPPORT SERVICES: To obtain quick answers to your questions, or to know different ways of getting in touch with us, visit Customer Service or, write us to: Attention: Customer Service The Global Travel Company Group® to: info@thetravelcompanygroup.com The Global Travel Company Group® is not responsible of the content of external web sites. © The Global Travel Company Group®, Inc. All rights reserved. TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND CONTRACT, subjected to modification without previous warning Accepting these terms and conditions implies accepting every one of the described points